We are the world's 1st Retiretech

And we're on a mission to democratise lifetime income for the benefit and enjoyment of savers globally.


Savers love tontines so much that they backed the company

Tontine Trust is backed by over 100 individuals from countries across the world as well as a number of corporate investors.

If you ask them why the why they invested in the company, more or less they will give you the same answer:

Because Tontine Trust is the only company in the world creating the exact retirement income product that they, their families and their friends want to have when they reach retirement.

Yes they expect to make a large return on their investment but for many, this is secondary to the importance of providing true retirement income security that meets the needs of savers worlwide.


Robo-Tontines: The best of all fintech business models

As the pioneer of a new asset class in the financial industry, venture capital firms have often asked how we will make money and grow while offering safe lifetime income products at such a low cost compared to legacy institutions such as insurers.

The answer is simple: technology.

Modern technology enables us to automate most, if not all, of those processes that have until now been performed in spreadsheets by highly paid executives sitting in lavish corporate offices in the centre of the prestigious business district.

This obsession with automating & streamlining the mathematical and adminstration processes has resulted in the creation of a fintech platform with a business model that sophisticated investors recognise as exceptional:

  • Recurring revenue business model earning 1% of Assets under Trust per annum.

  • Zero churn. All of our savers become lifetime members.

  • Assets typically stay under trust for an average of 20 years.

  • We rent server towers not office towers.

  • Our patented Robo-Actuary uses the same data as human actuaries however it works 24/7/365 from a data center and never takes a vacation.

  • Our product is so simple that we don't need to hire salespeople to sell it to savers.

  • Because the products are safe enough not to need formal guarantees from us or our partners in respect of the level of payouts or how quickly they will rise, this means that we are not susceptible to the fincial liabilities which can bankrupt insurers and defined benefit pension funds.


Transformation within the Retirement industry is inevitable & imminent

In 2024 we are seeing the largest ever number of Americans turning 65.

For many, this will be the first time they are looking at how their 'pension' works so only now are they realising that that they have a major problem.

Having a chunk of capital saved is one thing but it is not the same as an income that you can trust to last the rest of your life no matter how long you live.

Existing Defined Contribution ("DC") plans were created in the 1980s as a 'temporary' solution to the problems with "Defined Benefit" plans.

However these DC plans are simply tax priviliged savings accounts that do nothing to address the lifetime income needs of the 150 million+ savers reaching retirement age across the OECD.

At a point in time when these savers should be getting ready to relax and enjoy the fruits of the labour, they will face the daunting prospect of figuring out how to make their money last the rest of their lives despite not knowing if they are going to live another 5 years or 35 years.


Policymakers have now mandated sweeping changes

The OECD (Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development) advises the governments of most of the advanced countries of the world on economic & social policies.

In a comprehensive review of the Future of Pensions in 2020, their pensions policy unit determined that tontines offer an ideal solution for reducing risk for savers as well as governments.

In February 2022 the OECD went further by issuing a binding Legal Instrument 0467 which essentially compels the US, UK, EU and other member states to mandatorily transform their DC pensions such as 401Ks and IRAs into lifetime income plans for at least part of the savers balance using either Tontines or Annuities.

For Islamic countries that follow the OECD guidelines, Annuities are haram so the exclusive adoption of naturally shariah compliant Tontines for their societal pension needs is largely inevitable.

Contact us to find out more

If you are an investment firm or an accredited investor that has experience investing in startup banks/insurers, fintechs or insurtechs and you believe that you can bring added value to our mission then please get in touch.

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Tontine Trust is a fintech enabling consumer-friendly lifetime income retirement products such as the state of the art TontineIRA™ via banks, chartered trust companies and credit unions (each a ‘Bank’).

Banking, trustee and fiduciary services in the US are provided by partner Banks which are regulated in the US to act as fiduciaries on behalf of US Tontine IRA™ accountholders (‘members’).

Tontine Trust provides and operates the TontineIRA™ administration and record-keeping platform on behalf of and under the supervision of the Banks.

Tontine Trust is not a Bank or a trust company and does not provide banking & fiduciary services other than certain administrative services in a ministerial capacity as the Trust Advisors to the Tontine IRA™s.

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The amounts and duration of the lifetime income from the Tontine IRA™ are indicative only. By design, neither the amounts nor the duration of retirement income payments from a tontine plan are fixed or guaranteed.

Based upon many years of research and development, the TontineIRA™ platform displays reasonable best estimates of what level of income you can expect to receive over the course of your lifetime. These estimates are constantly reviewed (sometimes nightly) to incorporate any effects on expected incomes caused by changes in interest rates, investment returns, life expectancy and/or the actual mortality experience of members sharing the same tontine.

The Banks we work with are required to manage US trust assets in accordance with the Uniform Prudent Investor Act.‍

To ensure maximum security of capital and income for members, the Tontine IRA™ assets will be invested by the Banks in a basket of FDIC insured deposits such that each up Tontine IRA™ account can obtain FDIC coverage up to approximately $10m of assets per member.

Note that while the deposits made on behalf of the Tontine IRA™s are FDIC insured, the IRA accounts themselves are not a deposit or other obligation of, or guaranteed by a Bank or state chartered trust company and are not directly insured by the FDIC. Therefore they should be considered as being subject to investment risks, including a possible loss on the principal amount invested, for example when a member passes away before they have received total income in excess of their original contribution to the TontineIRA™.